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A dictation children enjoy

Spelling is essential to master for success in language learning, especially English.

Dictation by no means is an excellent way to assess and most importantly  encourage children to learn spelling. However, conventional ‘listen and write’ is far from being children’s favourite.

Here’s an idea for a dictation. I use it from time to time and my learners enjoy it.

Before the lesson

1 Find pictures of the key lexis.

2 Print them out in thumbnail size and cut into a heap of little cards. Have enough pictures for every learner to have 10 or as many as you wish.


Cutting the pictures


A heap of pictures

3 Prepare paper and glue. I prefer  paper of different colours and glue sticks. Glue sticks are much tidier to use.

During the lesson

4 Learner choose their cards themselves. Only one condition applies: NO repeated cards.


Children picking their tiny pictures

5 Learners stick their little pictures to the bigger colourful piece of paper. And they label each picture. Depending on the learners’ level this could be just one word, a phrase or a sentence.


Sticking and Writing    (books closed)


After the lesson

6 Highlight where the mistakes are.



Next lesson

7 Learners correct their mistakes.

At last just check if their corrections are right.

It might look a bit complicated, but it does work well with my learners.

I am sorry if it is not an original idea. And I have no recollection of reading about it.



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