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Learner’s progress in the hands of WHO?

At rare but so intense moments of teacher burnout, the question of teacher role in the life of a learner raises again and again.

Working in a private sector implies such kind of accusations ‘My child doesn’t progress as much as I want’ or ‘I don’t progress as much as I want to’. Parents and older students demand the increase (constant and quick) in their language abilities and they demand it from the teacher, not themselves or their children. But what can the teacher do?  It is usually one or two students out of seventy learners, I hasten to say. Still the question is there.

In my humble opinion teacher is a facilitator, i.e. makes it easier for the process of language learning happen, but mot the maker of learners’ progress. Without considerable effort from the learners’ side language improvement is hardly possible.

What do you think? To what extent are we responsible for learners’ progress?


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One comment on “Learner’s progress in the hands of WHO?

  1. Gohar
    April 30, 2017

    Well, I couldn’t have said better. It’s quite difficult to make someone go if he/she doesn’t want to. The same can be said about language learning: unless students as well as their parents understand that it’s a team work where everyone should invest both time and effort, very little can be achieved in terms of progress.

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