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More English in the classroom (YLs and pre-teens)

Here is a short post on an important issue at least at my classes.

Names on the boardAt some point this school year I faced a serious problem – an excessive use of L1 by students during lessons. Once a student, Artyom is his name, offered us to put down our names (students’ and teacher’s) on the board and erase the names of those students who use a single word of their native language. We only had two exceptions to the rule.

1 We must begin our sentence with ‘What’s ____ in English?’ or ‘How do you say ____ in English?’
2 A student or teacher should ask permission to say something in their native language.

       Surprisingly it worked well and I employed the technique in every class. Even beginners got actively involved. To motivate learners more I give them awards if their names are on the board by the end of the lesson. What the award will be is up to the teacher. It might be a sweet given out every lesson


students might choose a topic for the next lesson if they win for 10 lessons in a row


whatever you consider appropriate.

What I also noticed is that now my students explain meanings of words to their classmates and to me if they don’t have the ‘correct’ one in their vocabularies. That is the icing on the cake!

Hope you find it useful and usable.



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